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October 24, 2005

The Blessed Mother's Words:
My dear little ones, how great is our God that again He permits me to come to you this day, that after this long while . . . as you have gone on in your Christian journey, as you have walked each day with His Spirit, as you have come to live my messages ever more fully . . . here again I am with you. My dear little ones, how blessed are we, His creation, that together we gather as a family in front of His Eucharistic table, that we, all . . . His children in heaven, His children on earth, and those who will come to know Him, in Purgatory . . . can be united in the one great Church that is the body of Christ. My little ones, you who are gathered here, I am so pleased to be with you this night. Much time has passed for you. It may seem as though an eternity has gone by, and yet, a blink of the eye of God has passed, and here again I am with you though never did I leave you.
My dear little ones, our Father sent me so many years to speak to you of His love. Never would I come for any reason other than to tell you of His tremendous love . . . His great mercy . . . the forgiveness that He holds out to you . . . the grace that He offers you. Too, I come as mother and it warms my heart to come to my children to be with them, present in this way. Your Father in heaven spoke many words to you through me. Your Father called you to a new love . . . to a new walk . . . to live your faith fully each day in every moment . . . in every word . . . in every deed. Through my messages He called you to embrace your faith, to truly pick up your crosses and live them with joy, for in suffering, my little ones, you will find peace and strength and wisdom and courage. Our Father in heaven sent me to speak to you of the tremendous gift that you have been given in the sacraments . . . the grace that awaits you in His body and blood, the grace of sacramental confession, the grace of small sacrifices and obedience that you might become disciplined in love. He sent to you those in heaven to be witnesses to His glory that you might for but a moment see His shining face and be filled with joy. Still He is so good that He allows me to come to you again tonight, to my daughter who has received these messages and those who have gathered here to share in this day with her. Still He allows me to come because He has not forgotten His children, but loves you each unto your death and forever, for He created you to eternally be with Him. I ask you, my little ones, to search your heart this night and always to see how you have responded to what He has asked of you and to increase ten-thousand-fold your efforts, for never can you walk too close to Him.
My little ones, I thank you for hearing my words, for coming and truly loving one another, your Father in heaven, and me so much that you would share this night . . . this tremendous glory, this gift of God . . . with one another and with me. As your mother, again and always I implore you to pray, to become a prayer, to make your lives a prayer that each day the sufferings that you bear will be eased, the joys will be multiplied, and God our Father in heaven might make you a witness to His mercy, to His grace, and to His love.
Dear ones, I thank you for your steadfast commitment, for promising your hearts to our Father in heaven, and each day living that promise. Through your baptism you became one in Him. Through His body and blood you are one flesh with him. Through this community of faith you are one in mind and one in heart with Him. Hold fast to the gifts He gives you. Seek His love and it is there. Know His mercy is great and He is a Father who loves His children until the end of time.
My little ones, I thank you again for coming this evening to offer your hearts and your lives in prayer, and again I implore you to live . . . truly live . . . these messages I have given you from the Father in heaven that your life might abound in grace and one day you might find yourself home with Him.

October 24, 2006

The Blessed Mother's Words:
Dear ones, great and merciful is God the Father Almighty, who allows me to come to you again this day to speak to you, to bless you, to pray with you, and to bring to you every grace that you might be filled with Him and His Holy Spirit. Praise His name and glorify Him, for He alone is the source of all good things. He gives to you your life . . . the breath that you breathe to live in His love, the food that sustains you, His Eucharistic body. He alone is goodness and provides for all things. He fills you up. He is your light. He is your health . . . your wellness . . . your home . . . your family . . . your true Father. He is all things. Though concealed from your sight, He is with you. He is here at this present moment. He sends His mother to bless you . . . to comfort you . . . to console you . . . to show to you a glimpse of heaven that you might be filled with light that is unquenchable . . . light that is within you always that no darkness might frighten you, that your soul might rejoice in all things, both sorrowful and joyful. God is with you.
My dear ones, as your mother I rejoice this day, for I have been allowed to come to you again and to truly admonish you, and ask you to pray . . . to pray . . . to pray. My little ones, you do not know how important it is to pray! It is as a mother with love that I come to my children, that I beg my children to make their lives a living prayer. Never has it been more important. Never, dear ones, have I asked you for anything more than the fullness of your being. Again I ask you to lift your whole heart . . . to lift your soul . . . to lift the fullness of your being to the Father in prayer. Pray with your words. Pray with your songs. Pray with your thoughts. Pray with your actions. Pray in serving one another. Pray in receiving His body and blood. Pray in ministering . . . in participating in the beautiful sacraments that He has given to you to be truly a gateway to salvation, for no man can live if he does not have the body and blood, soul and divinity, of Christ within him.
No one, dear ones, can understand the depth of God's love until they see His face upon their death. No one can understand the truth that He desires to reveal to you until they are with Him in the heavenly home He has prepared. No one can understand how He calls to you . . . beckons to you . . . begs you . . . dear children, to love Him, to serve Him, and to be one with Him, intimately connected . . . creator and creature . . . one being. Dear ones, He created you a part of Him. He breathed into you His own life that you might live as He lived, with an immortal soul, created like the one who had no beginning and no end.
Dear ones, I beg you then to make your lives an example and a witness to your faith. It is prayer that will give to you the strength and the grace that you need to be a living witness . . . to be a testament to truth . . . to be a testament to the good news that Jesus is Lord, that He has ransomed you from death and lifted you to the Father upon the cross.
Dear ones, pray then . . . pray always in your families. Gather together and pray. Teach little ones the Scripture. Teach them to pray that from the moment they are able to speak, the name of Christ might be on their lips. Pray . . . pray for those who are in purgatory . . . who are being cleansed . . . awaiting the time when they will be united with the Father in the perfect kingdom He has created. Pray . . . pray for those who do not yet know my son . . . who are so dark, who are so desolate, and who cannot see that the light of Christ is before them would they but lift their eyes, lift their hearts, and reach out their hands to Him. Pray for the sick . . . for those who suffer under bodily weakness, for those whose illness drains upon their hearts and their minds and their souls . . . that they might be strengthened with the knowledge that Jesus Christ is teacher and healer and the giver of every grace, that He brings healing to the hearts of those who seek Him, and that they might know peace. Pray for my young ones . . . those who have no one to instruct them in the faith. Pray for those who have no one to pray for them at all, especially those who have died.
My little ones, prayer is the first step to a relationship with God and so I call you again today for a renewed love of prayer. Also, my dear ones, I call you to serve. Prayer and service. It is the message I have given you again and again, month after month, year after year, for it is essential. Jesus, in His divine love upon the cross saved all men, ransomed you from darkness and death. Truly, little ones, His salvation . . . His love . . . the redemption is complete and it is perfect: but little ones, you still are human with human nature and given to falling into temptation and sin. Even with the redemptive love of Christ, even with the sacraments He has given you to sustain you, even with the Mass . . . the greatest prayer . . . still you are tempted . . . still you will fall.
And so, dear ones, I ask you to serve one another by ministering to one another. Reach out to those who are hard-hearted. Reach out to those who are suffering. Reach out to those who live without Christ and show them . . . through your works, through your words . . . that Jesus loves them and desires to bring them home. Serve your community. Let all who see you know that you love Him by the actions, by the words, by the look upon your face when you mention His name. Dear ones, serve in your home, serve in your work places, serve in your parishes, serve your country, serve God always! For everything can be lifted up and made into a prayer if done for the love of God. Prayer and service. Prayer and service. I cannot tell you, dear ones, how much joy you will know if you truly learn to pray with your heart and serve with love.
Before, dear ones, before you heard me speak about sacrificial love. Again, I bring you to that word . . . sacrificial . . . for Jesus, the Great Sacrifice, the one who breaks Himself upon the altar, who pours out His blood that you might be saved, calls you to sacrifice with Him. Join your sacrifices to His . . . His most perfect sacrifice . . . that little ones all the world over might truly merit such grace that the world has never known. Yes, little ones, it is possible. The world is at a time where grace and peace and love and service and prayer is most sorely needed. It is to you, dear ones, that I commission. It is to you that I give this task . . . to all those who would hear my voice and heed my call, the call of the Father in heaven. Pray . . . serve . . . love . . . live in faith, for truly where one heart is faithful, there God is! Where there are two, there He rejoices! Where there are three, all of heaven rejoices! And where there are many, the world can be changed. The course of human events can be changed. The future, the past . . . it is all one in God and God desires for you to love. That is why He sent His son. That is why He created you . . . to love you, to love each of you individually . . . for He has known you since He created your soul. Since He placed it upon you and burned an image of His face into your heart, He has known you. He knows you now and will know you always until you are united with Him in glory.
Dear ones, then . . . how can you resist Him? How could you turn your faces from Him? How could you ever forget that He is God? Let your hearts rejoice. May they be filled with peace always. Never . . . never shed a tear, for God is great and He shall overcome all things - sickness, death, desperation, desolation, and all evil. Truly, place your faith in Him. It is well-founded. Place your trust in Him. You will not be abandoned. Place your lives in His care and He will lead you, for He has known you always, and He desires only for you to know Him and to love Him as He loves you.
My little ones, as always, I am your mother and I offer myself to you as protectress and intercessor. Do not fear to bring to God all things. Know that I pray for you, that I pray with you, that I worship with you, that I partake in God's goodness with you and, with you, rejoice in the salvation that was earned for us by Jesus Christ the Lord, now and forever. Amen.

October 24, 2011

The Blessed Mother's Words:
My dear little ones, praise and thank God for it is because of His great goodness that he permits me to speak to you in this way. Dear children, it is with a mother's heart that I approach you this day. Little ones, do you know how great our God is? Do you know the heights and the depths of His love? Can you see my little children how desperately He wants His little ones to come to Him, to place their trust in Him in all of their cares, to rely on him alone. My little ones, it is a time when many say "Destruction" and yet I say to you "Peace." It is a time when many say "Despair" and yet I say to you "Hope." It is a time when many say "All is lost" and yet I say to you "There is all to be gained in Christ Jesus, the Lord."
For, just as the darkness is greatest, the indomitable light of God shines forth. Just as His justice is most deserved, His mercy breaks through and penetrates the darkness that my children have chosen. I speak to you today of Mercy. Our God who is Love desires to grant mercy to this world. My children must choose mercy.
Little ones, you who come and gather here have heard my voice these long years. You have read the words that I have been permitted to grant to you. You have put into practice the same message that I bring, which is no new message, but the message of Scripture, the message of the Church, the Bride of Christ, the message that God has spoken to you through the prophets for all time: "Repent, for the kingdom of God is at hand!" These words were spoken in the desert before the coming of the Christ, cried out by the Baptizer to those who would heed them, in the person of Christ- truly God made Man. What a thing! What an impossible thing, and yet, in the mercy of God, part of His plan from the first moments of creation.
You do not see as God sees. You experience this life as a chain of successive events. You cannot see how everything is in the present now before our Creator. In this present now, He sees the first act of creation and the last triumph of His Son. In this present now, He sees every soul He has ever brought into this world and every soul that ever shall be. In this present now, He sees your every action, your every choice, your every "Yes", your every "No", and He desires still to grant mercy. How, my little ones, can my children say no?
You who gather here know that I have called these many years this same message. Come, the Father waits. His arms are open. He desires you. He wants to free you from the slavery which you have entered into by your own accord. You have bound yourself in chains. He desires to free you. You have closed your hearts and blinded your eyes. He desires to free you. It is through the grace of the sacraments that you will see Him clearly, that you can toss off the chains that bind you, that you will no longer be blind and deaf and mute, but you will see and hear and speak and witness and prophesy. All of creation waits in eager anticipation for the revelation of the sons of God. When my people, when my children, will you come to be the sons of God?
It is a mother who pleads with you who comes today, a mother who asks this out of great love and because I can see that which you cannot see. I see the face of Christ. always, in all things, in all times. Can you imagine? Can you imagine the grace, the gift? This is a gift not reserved for me, most blessed and favored by God, but to you, most precious to the Father, dearest creation, joy of His heart. For if there was but one.one. He would have come and died and sacrificed and rose and ascended and begun this most beautiful and glorious Church- for one. and there are many. How great and abundant is the love of our God that it pours forth into life in this world without measure! The souls. the innumerable souls He has created- each unique, each distinct, each eternal, and designed to be with Him forever, in the most intimate union, a bond that is indestructible except for your choice to sin. Nothing can separate you from the love of Christ, but you.
My little ones, you who have embraced the message I have given to you, who have attempted to live it in your daily life, you who have through the messages I have given, and more so, through the Scripture, through the Mass, through the Sacraments, enriched your marriages and your homes and your families and your lives, and grown in faith and holiness and become a person set apart for God.you must witness this joy. The world says "All is destruction", I say "It is time for my people to reclaim their place as children of the Father." The world says "There will be no peace" and I say "Peace is possible if you choose peace." The world says "God is dead" and I say to you that "He lives more so than you live, than anything lives, in a life that you cannot comprehend!" You do not know what life is! You cannot see as I see and I desire to give to you a glimpse of the joy that I experience in the present now.
My dear children, do not think that I come to you severely or to admonish you or to condemn. Rather, I come to exhort you, to embrace and renew your commitment to holiness because it is holiness that will win the world for Christ. You are not alone. We would certainly fail without the grace of God. No man without His grace, without the sanctification He offers to us, no man could do His will, so great and so unfathomable is the mind of God! And yet, He gives to you all that you need to accomplish what He asks. Not great acts, not tremendous martyrdoms, but simply to give, to serve, to love, to die to self, and to be a witness in your life where He has placed you, each day.
My children, renew your commitment to prayer. In your families, in your homes, make prayer the center of your family life. Let my Son be seen and known by your children. Come, partake of the gift of the sacraments! Receive the Body He freely offers you. Reconcile yourselves to God. Then you will see holy families and in the family where holiness is, there will be tremendous love, and where there is love there is God. You see, my little ones, that is the mystery. God has the power to come with flashing lights and peels of thunder, with fires roaring, and yet He comes in a whisper. He comes in each home, in each marriage, and by lighting each family on fire with love, each heart on fire with love, He will set the world ablaze. My little ones, be merciful as your God is merciful and love one another as He loves you.

October 24, 2012

The Blessed Mother's Words:
My Children, It is good for you to come, to offer your prayers for my intentions. Thank God for the tremendous gift that He provides to you this night and always, for in all places and in many times He sends me, and many, to speak to His children and bring them home to Him. He has sent me these many years to you, and year after year I speak the same message because there is but one message to speak. I have obtained for you that He himself ought to speak to you this night. Be still.

The Lord Jesus' Words:
My Children, I am your sovereign Lord. I, your Jesus speak. Through My servant I come, she who is My mother, as she intercedes on behalf of you all. Through this one whom I have chosen, who allows Me to come and to speak to you in her voice, I come. In greater measure, in greater power, in greater glory, in the Church and her Sacraments, I come. In My Eucharistic Self that lives in you at this moment, I come. You, you among you here who have received Me even this day, do you know that My heart beats in you? You among you, who have come before those whom I have ordained on this Earth to stand in my stead in the confessional, to be reconciled unto Me, do you know that it is I, I who spoke, I who absolved, I who made peace where there was sin and death? How many of you this week, this month, this year, sought Me in the stillness of a church, before My body exposed, before a tabernacle, in which I repose? Do you not know, yet, that there I was with you? You do not see. You cannot. In these small ways I break into the world to seek you. You cannot comprehend what I do to come to you in these ways. You cannot imagine what it was for Me to come to reside in you. You do not know what your God has done. It is not through your fault that you do not know. It is not because of your sins, simply because you are not as I Am. You do not see My face as I Am. Even.even if man had never walked from My grace, still My creature could not comprehend My majesty. How perfect then, My ways, that I should deign to come unto you as you, that I took upon Myself human flesh and a human soul that forever, for always, in every age, I and you would be one. Think. Imagine. Can you comprehend it? How does this not fill you with indescribable joy? My people, I speak out to you this day in this little way, through this little servant, that you might see that there is nothing that I would not do to reach you. What I accomplished on the cross is perfected in you. Each time that you suffer, each burden you bear, each trial you face, you suffer in Me. What a blessed gift I give! Do not now then, dear children, think on My most glorious passion, do not see the nails and the crown and the scourging, do not see the cross but see what is now and ever shall be, your Jesus. alive, resurrected! All authority in Heaven and Earth is Mine, and I come to you. Hear Me, My people, hear Me. In every age I call. I send My mother. I send the saints. I send prophets. I send My Priests. I send religious. I send My popes. I send My teachers. I send the small, the lowly, the sick, the ill, the imprisoned, the sorrowing, the grieving, the widow, the orphan, those most destitute, because they are Me. I walk among you where they are. This is a world filled with Christ, if you but have the eyes to see. Therefore, My beloved, be at peace. Be in indescribable joy! In every sorrow, in everything, in all that comes to pass, know that there is nothing I would not do to reach you. You need only lift your face, raise your hand, speak My name. My arms are extended, waiting to embrace you, My people. My hand reaches to grasp yours. All who hear these words in this room, and those who shall hear them in times to come, hear Me. Remember. Know this, that no matter what may happen in your daily lives, no matter what trial you might face, no matter what adversity I permit to come to you, there is nothing, nothing that can separate you from Me. You have the choice. You may live in Me and suffer in Me and love in Me and have My peace and My joy, or you may choose a way apart, which is only death. There is nothing else at the end of that road. It has always been that way and it will be until I come again in glory. And so, you see clearly as did those first whom I called to be My apostles, there are two ways and the choice is yours. I beckon to you. I call to you. I ask you to take My hand and to follow. Pick up your cross, no matter how great, and follow. For as you are crucified in Me, so too shall you rise in Me, so too shall you have a share of My glory. And then.then when all things have passed; then you will see Me as I Am.

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