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December 1996

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My dear daughter,

I would like for you to spend several minutes each day in quiet meditation. Because the Lord has allowed it to be so, I will give to you each day a teaching for the good of this world. I would like for you to keep a journal of my words that it may reach as many of my children as possible, for time is short and the end of the age is drawing near. Do not worry nor have any doubt in your Lord, for it will be given to you what I wish for you to write. This, the first of my teachings, will be on love. I would like for you to begin your book with that word, for it is most important.

Daughter, even when I walked upon this earth two thousand years ago in as much humility as I desired to offer the Lord, I could not understand the love and grace of God. He is pure and true love. Love abounds in Him and He wants nothing more than the love of His children. It is something unfathomable to humankind and only in His kingdom is it possible to understand His goodness. Go now and write what you have been given. You may share news of this, your mission, with others. I love you so much, my daughter, and draw you ever nearer to my Immaculate Heart. May the peace of Christ be with you.


My dear daughter,

The gift of forgiveness is an essential part of loving your brother as God loves. To truly forgive, you must open your heart to the love and grace of the Father in your own lives. Only then can His infinite mercy fill you and can the coldness of your hearts give way to His compassion. Forgiveness is the first preparation in loving as the Father loves, forgiveness for yourselves and your neighbors. My children who have closed their hearts to the ability to forgive can never find their way from darkness. May the peace of Christ be with you.


My little one,

Today I would like to speak to you in detail on the virtue of charity, for it is a gift from God so little practiced in this world. Charity is the genuine love and concern for your brother. A person whose heart is filled with charity is able to see Christ in all of Godís children. Those who practice charity have great respect for all life simply because it has been given through the goodness of God. The virtue of charity purifies the heart as the grace, hope, and love of the Father enters your lives. I desire for all my children to understand this gift and seek to bring charity to their lives. May the peace of Christ be with you.


My daughter,

The Lord is a God of faith. He knows each of His children. As His little ones turn away from Him and choose a path of darkness, He is with them ever faithful, truly believing that His love can pierce their hearts and cause in them a great love and joy. In the same way, He offers to His little ones the gift of faith that they may choose to see with eyes of love and have peace in their lives. The Lord is a merciful and loving God. He seeks to know His precious little ones and desires for His children to know Him. This, my daughter, can be accomplished only through faith. The great gift of faith encompasses all that is good and holy. Faith is the heart of love and peace, and faith brings great joy to all hearts it touches. Strive, little ones, for an increase in faith. Seek out your Lord in prayer. Know Him. Strive to hear His voice, for He has never left you. His faith in you is unshaken. May the peace of Christ be with you.


My dear daughter,

Today I wish for all my children to hear my plea for holiness. Live, dear ones, a life of holiness. Be pure in mind, heart, and body. Do not allow the passing temptations of Satan to discourage you in your life in God. Reflect on your lives. Do those around you see that you are a disciple of Christ by the example you set in your lives? Does your love for Him radiate from your being? Little ones, the road to holiness is long and there are many places at which to stumble. Continue to pray, children, for the loving guidance of the Father that He may lead you to holiness and renew your hearts. May the peace of Christ be with you.


My dear one,

As you have considered the promise of marriage in your life, I see fit to speak to you today concerning this most holy sacrament. As your mother, I have offered to you my blessing and raised you to the Father in prayer. Many now enter into Holy Matrimony without fully understanding its significance in the eyes of God. This is a sacrament in which, like the reception of the Holy Eucharist, two become one. At the moment when God in His glory joins these two, this becomes an indissoluble bond. Marriage does not bind only the two, my daughter, but also binds those children to the Father by their solemn vows and so it is that a trinity is formed, a sacrament shared by God and His little ones. Everything created in God is holy. The sanctity of marriage is without measure. Breaking faith with your spouse is a grave matter. This is a sin against your spouse, against yourself, and the dignity of the church. All married people must follow strictly a discipline of fidelity and respect. God has offered to His children this great gift, union with one another and a covenant with Him. In this age, when so many marriages have been broken by the work of the evil one, I ask, dear one, for continued prayers for those living this sacrament. May the peace of Christ be with you.


Dear little one,

In this age, when so many of Godís children walk in darkness, sin is ever increasing. The ugliness of sin is beyond your comprehension. Sin can be likened to putrid mud staining a clean washed robe. As it destroys the garment, so too is your soul tainted and marred by the sin in your lives. Do not let sin separate you from the Father. When you live in sin, you choose to turn away from Him. Receive often the sacrament of Reconciliation. Ask forgiveness from your God. In doing so, you shall make white your robes and be reconciled in the Lord. May the peace of Christ be with you.


My dear daughter,

The Lord looks upon the world with great mercy. In the same way, let mercy flood your heart as you look upon all His children. During this season, a time of preparation for the Child Jesus, the greatest gift of the Father, let mercy flow from within you as a gift to your God. Make sacrifices, little one, that through your mercy many can come to know God. To be merciful, dear one, is to truly be as Jesus is. Let compassion move you that the Holy Spirit may fill you and do good works through you. May the peace of Christ be with you.


My dear daughter,

Children, may the grace of God be with you. Today I invite you to turn your lives toward holiness. God desires from you perfect love, His love, and true faith. My little ones, holiness is living perfectly Godís will for you. Holiness is loving your brother as God loves. Holiness is hearing the call of the Holy Spirit and answering. My little ones, pray always that you would strive to be holy. Pray that you might model the holiness of Christ in all of your work. Dear ones, pray that the holiness of God might unite you with Him.


Dear daughter,

Prayer is the means through which a relationship with God is built. Through prayer many souls can be saved. Prayer benefits not only he who speaks to the Lord, but also those remembered in prayer to the Lord, and allows graces for the whole world. When you pray, bring to your God all the burdens of your life. Lay them at the foot of the cross. Allow Christ to carry them as He carried the great burden of sin upon the cross. Offer also to the Lord your joys. Thank Him for His great blessings and praise Him for His goodness. When you pray, do not merely repeat words, but strive to understand your prayer more fully. Listen too, dear one. Listen for the voice of God in your heart, for He speaks His will in the silence there. I urge you, pray! You cannot understand the importance of prayer. Let not only your words be a testament to your God, but your actions. Live your lives as a prayer, a song of praise without end. May the peace of Christ be with you.


Dear little one,

So many today parade through life full of pride. In doing so, people often make idols of themselves. It is necessary to realize, my little ones, that nothing is possible without God. Recognize the gifts He has given you. Praise and thank Him, and go out as those given an inheritance and make those gifts multiply among others. Offer back to your Lord all that He has given you by using them for His glory. As an earthly father provides for his children, so too has your heavenly father given you all that you need. May the peace of Christ be with you.


Dear little one,

You cannot possibly understand how precious you are to the Lord. You are as rare diamonds and gems. For you, the Lord saw fit to send His only son that He might become flesh born of a simple woman. In humility He came into this world to bring Godís love to His children, to teach them each the way to salvation. And for your sake too, He was mocked and scorned, spat upon and humiliated. Because of His great love for you, He was placed on a cross of wood. There He suffered many hours until His life left Him. Most importantly, dear ones, for His love of you, He rested in a tomb three days before overcoming the power of sin and death by resurrecting to a new life. For you, His precious children, He ascended into the kingdom and is seated at the right hand of the Father and, for His great love of you, He shall return again in glory. This, dear ones, is the fulfillment of all prophesy from the beginning of the ages. You are more loved by God than all of creation. Why then, children, will you not love one another as your Lord loves each of you? Why do you continue to turn your backs to Him? Daughter, may the peace of Christ be with you.


Dear daughter,

The most Holy Spirit of God, third person of the Blessed Trinity, is so often misunderstood. The Holy Spirit is the giver of all gifts. It is through the Holy Spirit that Godís mercy pours from His heart. The true heart of God, the Holy Spirit, is knowledge and love. The Holy Spirit is the root of faith. Through the Holy Spirit, the work of God is accomplished. My dear one, pray that the Holy Spirit may work through you as He did through the first disciples of Christ. Pray that you may be used for the glory of God. May the peace of Christ be with you.


My dear daughter,

Praise and give thanks to the Lord God, for He is mighty and has blessed you in so many ways. Those of my children who live in worldly ways do not recognize the great blessings God has given them. So often they ask, ďWhy Lord?Ē yet they do not open their hearts to see His will. In good times they are children of God, but when trials fall upon them they resent the Father. ďHow,Ē they ask, ďcould God allow this to be so?Ē Little ones, know this. The Father in heaven sees all things beyond your ability to understand, for He is mighty and His love for you is great. Do not dwell on the trials you endure. Do not become frustrated. Instead, trust that God knows your heart and will care for you. Praise Him and offer Him thanks and glory for the gifts He has given. May the peace of Christ be with you.


Dear little one,

Peace is imperative. Your world suffers greatly for lack of peace. The Lord God brings peace to the hearts of men. I desire for all my children to look with trusting eyes to the Father and ask for peace to fill their lives. In this age, when violence erupts so rapidly, the only way is peace. Little ones, if you are truly filled with the gift of faith and with all your hearts love the Lord, begin now to live your faith. In being an example to your brother, in doing as Christ would do, you serve your Lord and your brother. A life in God brings great joy and great peace. You shall overflow with His goodness and love. May the peace of Christ be with you.


My dear one,

I would like to explain further how to live your life as Christ. Do not live a life as the pharisees who made a great show of the good deeds they did. Instead, do your good works for the eyes of God only. Instead of boasting about your accomplishments, live humbly. Recognize that all you accomplish is done through the mercy of the Lord. Dear ones, love! To love is to give freely of yourself. Offer all your gifts and your talents for the glorification of the Lord. Work to be an example of charity. Strive to be an instrument of peace. Do not resent your brother, but forgive with unconditional love. Show mercy to all you encounter. Let your life be as a light in the darkness. Dear little children, it is necessary that you pray fervently, for through prayer you are strengthened and filled with the Holy Spirit. Let the light of Christ shine in you. Dear ones, I ask that you increase your devotion to His Sacred Heart, the way to salvation. Remember His great love for you. Know that I pray for you without ceasing as your loving mother. May the peace of Christ be with you.


Dear daughter,

Trust in the Lord, for He works great things in the hearts of men. Know that He cares for you in all things and His love is beyond your understanding. Each day, let there be a conversion of your heart. Try with all your will to better do what the Lord has asked of you. Do not become frustrated in your journey of conversion. Ask the Father continually for His guidance and mercy. Know that He is ever with you. Be firm of faith. Let no one dispel your hope in God. Dear ones, I wish only for you to become closer to Him that you might feel His love and joy in your lives in a greater way. May the peace of Christ be with you.


My dear daughter,

Alleluia! Let us this day praise God for His goodness! My dear ones, I would like to instruct you on prayer. Prayer is most important, the most necessary of daily tasks. When you pray, address the Lord as your father, as you have been taught in the scriptures. Offer to Him your daily needs and burdens. Thank Him for the blessings you have received. Dear ones, ask always to be filled with the Holy Spirit that you may speak the word of God and act as He would have it. Pray that His will becomes your will. Allow Him to touch your hearts, to turn hearts of stone to His love. Bring to the Father all people in your prayers, especially those who do not yet know His love. Dear ones, sing a glad song unto Him, for His mercy and love is abundant! May the peace of Christ be with you.


My dear daughter,

I cannot emphasize enough the importance of conversion! My little ones must turn their hearts back to God. So many today stumble in darkness, lacking the light of God. Dear ones, conversion is a journey that begins in the heart. Pray that you may become more open to Godís love. Offer to Him your whole lives. Let Him change your hearts. Pray little ones! Know God and love Him. He so desperately desires for you to return to Him. Truly, as a shepherd welcomes a lost sheep, so too will your heavenly father receive you with open arms. May the peace of Christ be with you.


My dear daughter,

Blessed are all people, for they have experienced the mercy of God. Dear ones, this is a time in which Godís mercy flows from His hands as honey. Praise and give thanks, for you are all blessed. My little ones, continue to seek the will of God in your lives, for His will is perfect. The Fatherís will can be likened to the work of a fine carpenter, gently built with loving hands. For each of you He desires many graces. Pray, dear ones, that you might come to recognize His work in your lives. He is ever guiding His precious little ones. Dear children, all confusion and destruction of the souls of men is caused by the evil one. Do not allow him to destroy your relationship with God, for in turning your lives over to His hands, an abundance of joy and peace shall fill you. May the peace of Christ be with you.


My little one,

All of Godís children must learn to be pure in spirit. To be pure in spirit is to practice the virtues of charity, honesty, faith, hope, and love. Remember that you are the dwelling place of the Lord. Offer all you do with your bodies, hearts, and minds to Him. Be as a gentle lamb reserving your works for the will of God. Know that His love for you is great and you will be given all you need to accomplish His work. May the peace of Christ be with you.


My dear daughter,

All of Godís children are called to live in humility. Recognize, dear ones, that all that is mighty is done through God. See that all people are precious to the Lord and He has blessed each with His special graces. In every person, God has breathed His life and His love. Live simply, dear ones. Do not allow the worldly attraction of materialism to cloud your vision. Do not allow the vices of greed, pride, and selfishness to cause you to lose your way. The Father in heaven wishes you to live in humility. Be an example of goodness among your brothers. Work many deeds of great compassion and mercy. Seek out the will of the Lord and desire to be fulfilled in Him. Dear little ones, pray fervently that you may be gifted with the spirit of humility. Study the scripture and follow the example of Christ who so humbled Himself to walk among His people in such a simple way. May the peace of Christ be with you.


My dear daughter,

I would like for all my little ones to learn the virtue of patience. All things in Godís will occur according to His time. When you pray, do not be troubled if it seems your prayers go unanswered. God answers all prayers fully in His time and by the means which He deems best. You, my children, cannot possibly see all that God sees. In God, the possibilities are endless. What is a lifetime to you is but a blink of the eyes for the Father. He is eternal and knows what is in your heart. He seeks to give you all that you need. He provides all good things. Do not be lonely or feel abandoned. Your God hears and answers you. May the peace of Christ be with you.


My dear daughter,

On this eve of my sonís birth, my heart is heavy. Many among you forget my son. All around your world there will be many celebrations in the morning, yet how many of my children will understand the true gift they have been given? Your world has crumbled under the foot of materialism, even in your own country where my little ones scramble about in preparation for this event, harboring ill will and selfishness. In many homes, gifts will be given and a celebration had, but Jesus will not be welcome there. It pains my heart, dear ones, to see this. Remember that on this day God gave Himself completely to you. So much does He love you that He came as one of us to teach us the way of salvation. Dear ones, rejoice in His love for you. Celebrate His goodness and mercy. Praise Him for His glory. May the peace of Christ be with you.


My dear daughter,

Rejoice! For the Lord has done great things for the sake of the world. Upon this day His son is given, the redeemer of the world. Let your hearts sing as the angels glad songs unto the Father whose infinite mercy and great love is endless. Welcome, my children, the Christ Child into your hearts this day and each day you are given. Let His peace fill you. May His light shine through you that you become a beacon to guide the lost. Yes, dear ones, you are as lights guiding ships upon a violent storm. As you journey on the road to the kingdom Christ has prepared for you, strive, dear ones, to guide many souls into safe harbor. Dear ones, alleluia! Christ is born! May the peace of Christ be with you!


My dear daughter,

From each of my children I desire a commitment, a commitment to prayer, to fasting, to conversion and spreading the light of Christ. How easily you commit to tasks in your daily lives, to your jobs, to your friends, to your families. Will you not commit your time to God? The time He has given you is short. Your lifetimes are as fleeting as the wind. Use what you are given. Commit yourselves to the work of the will of God. Allow God to be a priority in your lives. This, dear ones, is truth: anyone who lives their life with God at the center and heart of all their activities shall live a life of peace and joy. Can you not do this? A life lived in God is not easy. The road of Christ is littered with thorns. Yet the most narrow of paths is the most rewarding and will show you to the Fatherís kingdom. May the peace of Christ be with you.


My dear little one,

There are many who would say that Satan does not exist. My little ones, I say to you the presence of the evil one is a grave reality. The scripture teaches that the angel Lucifer was cast out of heaven with his cohorts because of his terrible sin of pride. Little ones, his greatest weapon is ignorance. The evil one feeds upon the pride of my children. His way is the way of confusion and darkness. To deny his existence is to fall prey to his subtle trickery. Do not be deceived. Know that he does seek out the ruin of your souls. Your greatest weapon against this adversary is prayer. Enrich your lives in God through prayer. Become ever closer to God. Have no fear my children. Let those who would walk in the Lord trust in His goodness and be assured of His divine guidance. May the peace of the Lord be with you.


My dear daughter,

Why do you find this task so difficult? Do you not know that you need only to open your heart with great trust to the Lord and innumerable graces will flow forth into you? Truly, the Lord cares for His dear children. Let all my little ones learn to reveal themselves to the Lord as He has given Himself to you. Search your hearts, dear ones. See as God sees. The Lord knows your strengths and weaknesses. As all loving fathers do, He supports and forgives His children with love and mercy. Dear little ones, open your hearts to the Lord. Make for Him there a sanctuary that He might be ever present in your thoughts, words, and actions. There is no darkness that the light of the Lord cannot pierce. Trust in Him fully, for His love for you is great. May the peace of Christ be with you.


My dear daughter,

Just as the small mustard seed becomes a flowering plant, so too must your faith grow to a new understanding of Godís love. Dear ones, to truly love God you must first love your brother. Forgive your brother and you shall be forgiven. Show others mercy and the fruits of the vine of mercy shall be given unto you. Love also yourselves, as you are a creation of the Lord. Let your body be pure as your thoughts, words, and actions. Learn to trust, dear ones, with the entirety of your hearts. Truly believe what I have said. You are most precious to the Lord. Your prayers are heard. He seeks to do what is best for His children. Strengthen your faith, little ones. Pray that you might be moved by the Holy Spirit to a deeper understanding of prayer, faith, and your heavenly father. May the peace of Christ be with you.


My dear one,

The greatest of fears among men is that of death. Little children, I come today to console your hearts and as your mother to reassure you in your times of sadness. As your earthly body is left upon this world, know that God will gather each of your souls in His arms. How glad He is to see the coming of His faithful into the great kingdom He has prepared for you. Oh how great His joy as He is united with His children, as He embraces them with great love and tenderness. It is written, dear ones, that the Lord shall wipe away every tear from your eyes and you shall live with only joy in your hearts. The splendor of His kingdom is beyond imagination. Be strong in your faith. Know that you shall not be abandoned, not in life nor in death. May the peace of Christ be with you.


My little one,

Do not judge the Church by the actions of the people. So many now would turn away from their faith because of human conditions. Dear ones, the church is not only a place of worship. The church is the completeness of each person, united in faith through Christ. Do not pass judgement on your priests. My sons have much to suffer in these times of great temptation and trial. In the same way, do not judge your brothers. Only God knows the hearts of men. Look to caring for your soul that you might be an example of the love and mercy of Christ. Dear ones, pray for the church. In this age, many of my children fall far from faith. Let your churches be purified through your prayers and participation in the sacraments. It is necessary that you learn the law of the church. How can one be part of a faith community without knowing what it is he professes to believe? Little ones, guide one another. God has established the universal church, the community of the faithful, that through one another you might remain close to Him. Carry one another through difficult times. Be a source of love and courage. Above all else, be a fountain of faith. Dear little ones, remember God is with you. May the peace of Christ be with you.

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